Conciousness Instead Burnout

To understand why people burnout you must first recognize two things: humans are inter dimensional beings who have lived many times - and human’s have two minds – an authentic mind and an individual mind and ego.
The authentic mind has three functional parts. On the physical level it consists of the brain and nervous system - as well as the chemicals in the body, including hormones, which influence the mind’s ability to function. On the non physical level the authentic mind includes the subtle energy field which interpenetrates the physical body.
The subtle energy field is composed of subtle bodies, and the organs of the human energy system (chakras, auras, meridians etc.). The bodies and organs of the subtle ...

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Getting Old Joyfully

Although many young people dread getting old. Getting old is not a reason to despair since most stereotypes of old people are wrong. In fact, rather than feeling useless and neglected – as most young people think - most old people, who remain physically healthy, describe themselves as happy; happier in fact than young people, who suffer more psychological distress, and have more problems coping with stress and disappointment. Getting old of course is not an entirely joyful experience. That’s because older people experience significant changes in their physical body, psychological health and the condition of their subtle energy field, (the field of non physical energy that interpenetrates their physical body). In this article we will look at some of these changes - and how they affect an old person’s outlook and spiritual condition.

Physical & Subtle Changes

As people age they experience changes in their physical body. These include lose of muscle and bone mass – as well as hearing impairment and weakened vision. Older people may experience ...

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Celebrating The Universal Feminine

After emerging from Universal Consciousness, the goddess Shakti, in the form of feminine, creative energy, began to function as the driving force of evolution. It’s Shakti who provides the power to create and procreate. And it’s Shakti who provides the energy and medium through which you can celebrate the universal qualities of the goddess, in your everyday life.
Shakti’s universal qualities include power, creativity and radiance, as well as pleasure, love, intimacy and joy. They also include the qualities of good character, such as non – harming, perseverance, discipline, patience, loyalty, long – suffering and courage.


It’s not unusual for people to feel awkward about celebrating the goddess if they’ve grown up in a patriarchal culture that diminishes the divine feminine – and all European and middle eastern cultures are patriarchial.However, by celebrating the goddess’s ...

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Keeping It Real

Like the universe, your authentic mind emerged from Universal Consciousness through the tattvas which are steps in the process of evolution. As evolution proceeded—via the tattvas—a hierarchy of physical and non-physical dimensions was created in both the physical and non-physical universe. You exist on all of these dimensions. And on all of these dimensions you have an authentic mind that has the capacity to experience and share life affirming energy with other people. Of course it can do much more than share energy. Your authentic mind allows you to express yourself, form an authentic identity, gather knowledge and share all forms of love, including universal love with other living beings.
The ancient masters of Tantra and Yoga studied the human mind and its relationship to both the physical and non physical universe. And they learned that to be ‘real’ a person had to remain centered in their authentic mind – and that only people who were being ‘real’ could experience and share universal love with other people.

Your Authentic Mind

The authentic mind is a vast inter dimensional organism, composed of energy bodies with different functions - an energy system, (chakras, auras and meridians) - that nourishes ...

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